In Engelberg lots are doing the beautiful classic Wendenlücke. However, if you just look a bit to the east you will find Resend Nollen (3003m). If the conditions are in your favour, and you are comfortable bringing a rope and know how to navigate glacier terrain and a bit of exposure, then this is a true beauty in the backyard of Engelberg.
Oscar is setting the steady pace and quickly decides to rope up, having Yevgen in the middle and me in the back.
This day the crampons were unnecessary but being early in the season we decided to get as much moments of practice in as possible.
Took of our backpacks for the small climb
Oscar heading towards the summit
Yevgen above. Oscar to the right.
Below view towards Graustock. Jochpass in the clouds and Trübsee covered with snow.
Turns and traverse back to the ski resort
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